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Asbestos Abatement


Asbestos Abatement is the controlled removal of Asbestos containing materials from a building.  Abatement must be performed under containment, by licensed Asbestos professionals.  Once the abatement is completed the Asbestos containing materials must be disposed of properly and transported to disposal sites which allow Asbestos waste.

Asbestos-containing material (ACM) may be present in many household or commercial building materials such as flooring, ceilings, joint compound, pipe insulation and other materials. 

  • Asbestos containing materials can result in health risks when it is damaged or disturbed such as from overuse – normal wear and tear, a property damage such as fire or water intrusion or during routine renovations.
  • Disturbing or damaging Asbestos containing materials can release Asbestos fibers than can then become airborn and be inhaled. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(opens new window), ACM “that is in good condition and left undisturbed” is unlikely to present a health risk

How is an asbestos abatement performed?

How do I know if the company I hired is doing things properly?

Demolition-selective vs whole building

What to look for in an Asbestos abatement contractor

Asbestos Is A Hazardous Material So You Want To Make Sure The Company You Hire To Remove It Is Doing Things Properly And According To Local, State And Federal Regulations.

  • Ask To See The Work Plan Detailing The Areas For Removal, Prepping The Area For Removal, The Removal Process And Final Clean Up.
  • Notification: Make Sure Your Contractor Provides Proper Notification And Signage to Clearly Mark The Areas For Removal. No One Should Be In The Area At The Time Of Removal But The Asbestos Contractors.

What to look for. Your Contractor must:

⮚ Set up a decontamination chamber

⮚ Seal off the areas to be treated with heavy thick milled plastic

⮚ Seal air ducts

⮚ Turn off HVAC system

⮚ Set up negative pressure using HEPA High efficiency particulate  air scrubbers

⮚ Wear proper PPE, Personal Protective Equipment  including respirators

⮚ Bag and seal Asbestos containing waste material in special bags for removal

⮚ Clearance Testing/Report should be conducted by an independent environmental hygienist producing a report of their findings

⮚ Waste transport report: Your contractor will send you a report of the shipment of the waste to an approved disposal site

Asbestos-containing materials are still widely in-use and can be found in residential and commercial buildings.