Why Choose GES Environmental?

GES Environmental allows you to complete necessary repairs faster, minimizing interruptions, delays and loss of use in order to settle the claim, finish renovations and restore your home or building correctly and safely.

Why is GES Environmental Different?

GES Environmental was created to streamline the remediation and demolition process in order to help insurance, facility and real estate management professionals restore homes and buildings after renovations or disaster. We are a company you can trust to provide asbestos, lead and mold sampling, abatement and consulting services quickly and most importantly correctly. GES Environmental delivers results safely and accurately and in accordance with Local, State and Federal regulations.  We don’t cut corners!  We do things right!

It’s the Experience that matters!

Asbestos, Lead and Mold sampling, abatement and consulting results are only as good as the experience of the professionals you select.  Have you ever been faced with a change order because the company you brought in missed some ACM during the sampling process?